Check School Sanctioned and Vacant Posts SED Punjab

if you want to sanctioned and vacant posts in any school of SED Punjab, you can try this method. School Education Department of Punjab fills vacant posts in a school by hiring new teachers or transferring teachers from one school where students ration is less to teachers.

Many teachers need to know vacant seats in a desired school to transfer in their near by school. That’s why they should visit School Information System website to check the filled, vacant and sanctioned posts.

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SIS Stat Watch List to check Vacant, filled and Sanctioned Posts

To check vacant seats of school, SIS statistics are available on official school information website, for this purpose. Follow these instructions to check seats in desired school:

  1. Visit .
  2. Click on watchlist.
  3. Now select your District, Tehsil, Markaz and then school or you can directly enter the EMIS code of the school for this purpose.
  4. Now the lists of all filled, vacant and sanctioned posts of that particular school will be visible.
check vacant seats of school sis watch list stats

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