Code Check Remaining Mbs Ufone Internet Packages

If you want to check remaining MBs Ufone internet package, you can find status codes of all Ufone 3G/4G internet Packages on this one page. Using internet while you are not subscribed to any data package can cost you huge loss. Cellular network companies are charging as much as 20 rupees per MB, when you are not subscribes to any internet package.

Once you subscribe any data bundle of Ufone, always check the remaining MBs to save your balance.

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Ufone Internet Packages Status Codes

When ever we subscribe to any Ufone call or internet bundle, they also send us package details. This detail includes free On net Off net minutes, Free SMS, and MBs. Some companies also notify users when they are about top consume their complete MBs or subscribes package. In this way, user can resubscribe a package or just stop using the internet.

All Ufone data bundle subscribers can dial *706# to check the remaining MBs of internet package. This code can also be used to check remaining free minutes or free SMS of any Ufone call or internet package.

This service is not free. Ufone user will see a deduction of 0.12 rupees to use this service. We know it should be free as we already paid the company package subscription fee. But companies are not going to miss any chance to empty our pockets.

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Some Interesting Facts about Ufone

Ufone was established on January 29, 2001.It is founded by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. Ufone became a part of the Etisalat in 2006. Mr Rashid Khan is the current CEO of Ufone. Its estimated revenue per year is 25 Billion Pakistani rupees. Its network covers almost 2336 cities across the globe. Ufone’s head quarter is based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Ufone has prepaid and post paid call, internet packages for its subscribers. Upaisa is an amazing product by Ufone. Every user can open his Upaisa account by just dialing *786#.

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