Code to Check Remaining MBs Jazz Internet Packages

No matter Which Jazz Internet Package you subscribed, you can use this code to check the remaining MBs Jazz data package or Status. Mobilink or Jazz is Pakistan’s number one cellular network with millions of subscribers. 3G or 4G internet package users can now check their remaining internet data easily. Remember Warid is also merged with Jazz, so you can also check remaining data of Warid packages with these codes.

Previously we added the comparison of All Jazz Daily Internet Packages, you check the pick a best fit for you. Jazz also offering best internet package, which gives 5000 MB data in just 8 rupees. All these packages prove why Jazz is the leading cellular network in Pakistan. It provides best 3G/4G internet bundles and cheapest call packages to it customers with coverage to every corner of Pakistan.

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Normally when you subscribe an internet package of Jazz, they also sent you a code to check the status of you call or data package. Many Jazz Call and internet packages are designed in such way that if you add 2 after package subscribing code and close it with # it becomes the status code. For example if have subscribe Mobilink Monthly Super Duper offer with code *706#, you can check the remaining MBs of this Jazz package with *706*2#.

check remaining MBs Jazz monthly super duper offer

Similarly if you are subscribing Jazz Weekly Super Plus offer with subscription code *505# you can check the status with *505*2#.

jazz remaining data MBs check weekly offer

Some time it is way different than just adding 2 at the end. Look at this message I received when I subscribe internet bundle with Jazz Make Your Own Bundle Offer.

check jazz make your own bundle status
To make the offer, you dial *303# for status you have to dial *303*30#.
best jazz internet packages lal education

How to Check Reaming MBs on Mobilink/Warid?

All Jazz Packages Subscription and Status Codes to Check Remaining MBs Minutes SMS:

Cellular companies are cruel, when they know you are not subscribed to any internet package any still using it. They charge as much as 20 rupees per MB in this case. That is much greater than what normally you get in that price. For example with Jazz Super data offer, you can get 5000 MBs in just 8 rupees. So it proves that these companies are free from any accountability. No one is there to look how they are looting the poor masses. We hope some day it will be fixed.

Here are all the Jazz Prepaid Internet or Call Packages (3G or 4G) where you can just add 2 at the end to check Status of remaining MBs of your internet package.

Jazz Package NameSubscription CodeStatus Code
Monthly Super Duper*706#*706*2#
Weekly Super Duper*770#*770*2#
Monthly Super Duper Plus*707#*707*2#
Weekly Super Plus*505#*505*2#
Monthly Browser*117*77#*117*77*2#
Monthly Hybrid*430#*430*2#
Monthly Mega*117*31#*117*31*2#
Weekly All Network*700#*700*2#
Weekly Whatsapp and SMS*101*1*07#*101*2*07#
Weekly Stream*117*1#*117*1*2#
Weekly Hybrid*407#*407*2#
Weekly Mega*159#*159*2#
Weekly Mega Plus*453#*453*2#
Weekly Premium*117*47#*117*47*2#
Make You Own Bundle*303#For 1 day
for 7 days
for 30 days
Weekly Social*660#*660*2#
Weekly Streamer*117*7#*117*7*2#
Daily Super*212#*212*2#
Daily Mega*117*4#*117*4*2#
Daily Browser*117*11#*117*11*2#
Monthly Social*661#*661*2#
Weekly All Rounder Offer*747#*747*2#

If you are unable to find the code to check remaining MBs of you Jazz internet package, please mention the package name. We will update the list as soon as possible.

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What makes Jazz Pakistan’s no.1 network?

Jazz or Mobilink is most favourite mobile network operator in Pakistan. It is also known as Jazba, Indigo, Infinity. Saif Group and Motorola Corporations established Mobilink in 1994. Its estimated revenue is 559 million dollars per year. Aamir Hafeez Ibrahim is vurrent CEO of Jazz. It is also known as Pakistan Mobile Communication Network. Its head qurater is based in Islamabad.

Jazz is the first company which introduced the concepts of mobile SIM in Pakistan. They provided cheap call packages and internet offers to the people of Pakistan. Later many other mobile networks joined the market. But Jazz was able to remain best mobile network with his best internet offers and call packages.

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Mobilink is now offering 4G devices also. They include 4G wingle devices and 4G smart phones. They are also offering exclusive data SIMs to meet the ever growing demand for data devices. Jazz is also providing handsets on installments. You can check Jazz official site for installment plan rates.

Other companies like Telenor, Zong and Ufone trying hard to get the top. Telenor is best for usually down town areas and big cities. Zong is famous for it cheap internet packages. Ufone once gained popularity for its cheap PTCL call packages. But due to decline of PTCL subscribers, now Ufone is also shallow water.

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No matter what your operator is keeping your self with latest offers will always help you to select best internet offer for you. So subscribe our blog and keep yourself updated with latest call and internet packages and offers by Jazz, Warid, Telenor, Zong and Ufone.

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