Complete Procedure to apply for C-Leave on HRMS

Teachers in SED Punjab can apply for C Leave on SEDHR website and from SIS Punjab app.On HRMS Education Department, we will see step by step process to apply for C Leave on SIS Punjab App and SEDHR.

C-Leave which is also called causal leave, is a type of leave teachers require to do some urgent work, in case of medical emergencies or sudden need. Previuolsy the leave process required hard copy of application signed by teacher then approve by sanctioning authority, head masters, AEOs or dy DEO, etc.

Now all the process remains same, but no hared copy is needed. Teachers can goto SEDHR website and follow these steps to apply for C Leave.

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Process to Apply for C Leave in Punjab

You will need a user name and password in this process to apply for c leave. You can use the credentials you use for SIS Punjab app. If you do not remember your user name and password, just dial the hotline number given on SIS Punjab info page.

sis punjab app contact info page
  • Now Visit the website SEDHR here
  • Login with your user name and password. User name is always your CNIC number and password what they will provide you
process c leave request hrms education department
  • In the dashboard screen, click on Leave Requests.
  • Here you will see your leave reuqest. Number of C Leaves attained and how many are remaing. Click on Apply Leave
hrms education department leave procedure
  • Now you will see a screen which says “Government servants are not entitled to Casual Leave as of right. The Casual Leave is granted to them by way of grace to enable Government servants to attend to their private affairs of casual nature.” (Revised leave rules 1981, page 24). Just press the Agree button.
casual leave form sedhr process to apply for c leave hrms education department
  • Fill this form with Type of Leave: Casual Leave, Leave Required from: date starting you leave, To: with date leave ends. No. of Days will be filled automatically. Write Purpose of Leave and in last field type When you will report back to school.
  • Now click on process, you will get a message on your registered number that you application for casual leave have been submitted. You will soon informed about the status. But it never informs. So you will have to revisit the website to check status of you application in Leave Requests section.
  • Please note down that many AEOs and MEAs or other authority that visit school some time ask for screen shot of you online application. So take a screen shot of the screen which appears after you hit Process button.

Apply for C Leave through SIS Punjab App

A recent update in SIS Punjab app has now made possible for educators to apply for C Leave by this app. To Apply for casual leave, sign in with your user name and password in SIS app.

You will see a screen similar to this:

dashboard apply c leave sis punjab

Now click on Leaves. Here you will have details about your previous leaves, how many approved, how many rejected.

c leaves details screen sis punjab

Click on Add a Leave Button. Now this screen will popup.

sis punjab casual leave form

Fill this form with details, leave type, starting date, ending date, purpose of leave and date to report back. Press save button. Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

hrms education department leave process

hrms education department c leave procedure

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