Download ALL SED PUNJAB FORMS on One Place

Download all SED Punjab forms like ACR, PER, Joining Reports, Challan form 32 A, Relieving Report, Scholarships, Benevolent Fund, Marriage Grant Forms etc. No need to worry about finding different education department forms from different offline or line sites. All performers, certificates, forms for officers and officials.

List of contents:

  1. ACR / PER
  2. Joining / Relieving Report
  3. Challan Form 32 A
  4. Punjab Government Employee Children Scholarships Forms
  5. Marriage Grant forms
  6. Synopsis for Regularization or Promotion
  7. No Demand
  8. The No Inquiry
  9. No Punishment
  10. No Audit Para
  11. One Time Pay and Allowances Adjustment Form
  12. Permission to Appear for Exams
  13. Result Statement
  14. Death / Funeral Grant

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Details about forms and Download Links

So here we have some more details about SED Punjab forms plus the download link. Many forms that need some editing to enter your district details are in MS Word form, while the forms that do not need editing, are in PDF form.


Annual Confidential Report or Performance Evaluation Report is prepared every year to evaluate the efficiency of teachers or any government employee.

acr / per form for government employees teachers educators

Download ACR / PER Form

Joining / Relieving Report

As the name of form suggests, joining relieving report form is used when your join or leave any particular school after transfer. The form is also used after first appointment in SED.

Download Joining / Relieving Report Form

Challan Form 32 A

challan form 32 a goernment empoyees

You can use this form when you have to pay some amount in government accounts. For example for a leave exceeding the limit allowed by department, educators or other employees must pay back the salary they take during the period. Or during new appointments, candidates pay some fee as processing fee for their files for consideration.

Download Challan Form 32 A for Teachers and Other Employees

Employees Children Scholarship Form:

Employees can draw some fund from benevolent fund for their children education. Very helpful for parent employees who are struggling to meet the education expenses of their children.

Download Children Scholarship Form

Marriage Grant Forms:

A teacher or any other Punjab govenrment employee can also draw some amount from benevoent funds to meet the expenses of his/ her daughter marriage expenses. This is also called Dowry Fund.

Download Marriage Grant Form

Synopsis Forms:

While the ACR/PER evaluates educators or employees annual performance and efficiency, synopsis provide many years details combine to have look upon the desired period of service. Just like CV.

educators teachers synopsis form performer

Download Synopsis form

No Demand Certificate:

It clarifies that nothing is left in employees hand recoverable.

The No Audit Para Certificate:

Government needs to check whether all the fund allocated are being bused properly and honestly. For this purpose, audit teams visit schools, colleges to check and verify all financial records.

No Punishment Certificate:

The educators or employee has no punishment record over the desired period of his / her service.

Download No Demad / No Inqyiury /No Punishment / No Audit Para form with pre fill data

No Inquiry Certificate:

No any explanation, inquiry is pending against the teacher.

Download No Inquiry Certificate

One Time Pay and Allowances Adjustment Form:

Download Pay and Allowances Adjustment form

Permission to Appear for Exam:

Many teachers continue their studies after joining the service. In order to appear for exams, they must written permission form the department. So use this form for this purpose.

Download Permission to appear for exams form

Result Statement:

This statement provides the details about he students result for the desired period.

result statement form for teachers educators sed punjab forms

Death or Funeral Grant form:

This grant is offered to family members of an employee if the employees death occur during service.

Download Death / Funeral Grant form

We will update this list as soon as we found new forms. We try our best to facilitate the teachers / employees. Keep visiting the page for new updates.