Download ALP Booklet 9th 10th in PDF

Read online or Download ALP Booklet 9th 10th in PDF. ALP or Accelerated Learning Program is designed by Government of Punjab to help students cover main concepts within short period of session 2021. Educational institutes in Punjab has been under lock down for almost 6 months. Now they are opening gradually from 19 September 2020. The educational calendar for 2020-21 will end in February 2021. So students will have merely six months for understanding new concepts. If we subtract days that will be reserved for tests, exams, the time period decreases also.

smart syllabus nursery to matric in pdf

Smart Syllabus for Matric Classes in PDF

So the government of Punjab is trying to decrease burden on students by subtracting some parts of the syllabus. This ALP Booklet for 9th 10th class will have fewer topics for matric students to memorize. This way they will be able to study all concepts and compete with their predecessors.

smart syllabus 9th 10th alp booklet

Download Smart Syllabus for Matric Classes in PDF

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