Facts About Pakistan You May not Know

Pakistan is a country of wonders. Before 1947, people all around the world doubted that it will never came into being. But in the leadership of Quai-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and with vision of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the country now celebrated its 73rd independence recently. Here are some facts about Pakistan, which even many Pakistanis may not know.

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  1. Pakistan is Home to 2 Nobel Laureates:

Two people from Pakistan won Nobel Prize, Dr Abdus Salam for Electroweak unification theory and Malala Yousafzai for Peace. She was also the youngest ever to receive Nobel prize.

2. Fourth Largest Irrigation Network in The world

irrigation system of Pakistan facts about Pakistan

Pakistan has irrigation network, which ranks on number four in the world.It is also known as Indus Basin Irrigation System, due to river Indus.

3. Almost Every 2nd football is Made in Pakistan

Pakistani footballs are famous all around the world. Sialkot is exporting football to all international teams.

4. World Largest Free Ambulance Service

Yes its true. Pakistan has world’s largest free ambulance service. The service was started by late Abdul Sattar Edhi as NGO and now it is run by his son, Faisal Edhi.

5. World’s Deepest Seaport

Gawadar is known as world’s seaport. It is located in Gawadar, Baluchistan. The seaport is located near Arabian sea. This seaport is operating with joint efforts of China and Pakistan through CPEC.

6. Indus Valley Civilization

This civilization is considered world’s oldest civilization. Its traces goes back in history around 6000 years back. Some of the constructions made by Indus Valley people still exist i Sindh.

7. World’s Highest ATM Point

At the height of 16007 feet above sea level, National Bank of Pakistan has world’s highest ever installed ATM machine. It is located on Korakaram Highway near Khunjrab Pass.

8. First Woman Prime Minister of An Islamic Country

first woman prime minister of pakistan

Benazir Bhutto, became prime minter of Pakistan in 1988. She was the first and only woman in whole Islamic world who held this post.

9. Salt Mines

world's second largest salt mine khewra

Khewra Salt mines are world second lergest salt mines. These salt mines are located in Khewra, district Jhelum, Punjab.

10. World’s Second Highest Mountain Peak

With an estimated height of 8611 meter, K2 is world’s second largest mountain peak. It is located at China Pakistan border in Gilgit Baltistan region.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan

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