Government Employees will get 25 % Increment Official Notification

Government approves 25 percent pay rise for government employees on Thursday 11th February after protest lead by federal and provincial employees of education department. The official AGEGA and government agreement notification announced after the press conference of interior minister Kheikh Rasheed with defense Minister Pervez Khatak.

“we were constantly in talk with the protesters. We apologize for mishandling the event. This happened due to delay in the procedures for finalizing the demands that are inline with government capacities.” Pervez Khatak said.

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What Official Notification Say about Pay Increment?

An official notification is issued by the government to clarify their stance. According to the notification, only federal government employees will get 25% increment from 1st March and provincial government employees fate will be decided by the concerned provincial governments.

agega pay rise notication apca SED federal employees

up gradation and time scale promotion issues are also discussed and soon employees will get positive response by their departments. All protesters who are jailed due to clashes with the government, soon get bail from the court.

AGEGA agreement notification

Download Complete Agreement between AGEGA and government

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