Grow Vegetables At Home or In Fields Urdu Pdf

Download the book on How to grow vegetables at home or in fields. You will also learn how to prepare the soil and best time to sow your seeds. In Pakistan, most of the people buy vegetables from market. Even people who have their won fertile land, they do not grow vegetables to meet their own needs. Gardening can be a profitable business, if you learn to grow expensive vegetables like Garlic or Ginger etc. Or you can also grow vegetables at hoe for your own needs. You will the taste of your home grown food items.

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Why growing food at home is Necessary?

You may think that when you can get vegetables easily from market, why you should grown vegetables at home? Its an interesting question. Gardening is not just fulfilling your needs, its about keep your self in touch with nature. You learn the rules of nature: the weather types, the soil composition and life coming out from the dead soil. So you will learn a lot of things during the process.

What you can grow at home?

There are many options available. You can grow tomatoes, pepper, onions, ginger, garlic, peas and anything else. It al depends upon the availability of area, weather conditions in particular area and the amount of sunlight plants can have. Many people re growing tomatoes at home successfully as it needs less space. You can also grow lemons at home.

grow vegetables at home free urdu pdf

So, what exactly is in this gardening book?

This is an Urdu book on Growing Vegetables. You can apply the techniques of gardening described in this book to you home garden at small level or in fields. Some of the important chapters mentions in the books are:

  • Choosing suitable land and preparing the soil
  • Diagram of Planting the vegetables
  • Fertilizers and Seeds
  • Method to sow the seeds
  • Protecting vegetables etc.

Many other topics are also covered in this books. This Urdu books on how to grow vegetables at home or in fields is specially made for gardening in Pakistan. So you can trust all the details provided in the book.

Download How to Grow Vegetables Urdu Pdf

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