How to Protect Your Child From Sexual Content Online

Are you looking for methods to protect your child online? Are your afraid that your kids may visit some sexual or porn content while useing the internet? Lets see How to Protect Your Child From Sexual Content Online.

Internet surfing is very common today. Even 5 years old are browsing YouTube without any limits and precautions. In this digital world, every one is busy on Facebook, twitter, TikTok, SnapeChat and YouTube etc, without realizing how harmful it can be.

  • They can chat with strangers revealing personal information about family, business etc.
  • They can meet with criminals looking for vulnerable kids.
  • Child can also visit some sexual or porn sites, which will badly affect their personality, relationships and behaviors.

So it is necessary for all parents to guide their students about internet and it productive use. They should also keep an eye on amount of time kids spent on a particular site.

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How to Brows Safely on Internet?

Most of us Google chrome web browser for internet surfing, so we are going to learn how we can surf it safety. We are not only concerned about the explicit content , but financial losses also. Imagine you get delivery of some expensive product you you don’t need in your house or got message about some successful payment from your credit cards to unknown strange website. Well that can happen, if you kids have access to your wallet and internet.

So Google offers parental control to deal with some online payments. Here you will find complete details about parental control with chrome

Here is how to you can turn on parental control in Chrome:

To restrict your kids from explicit content turn on google safe search. although it doesn’t guarantee full blockage of all sexual content, still very helpful.

To turn On/Off Google Safe Search:

Visit Google Preferences page and check the box that says, turn on SafeSearch.

You can find more details about SafeSearch here.

YouTube is another great site with lots of informational videos and content to learn any almost anything. YouTube has strict policy about porn or sexual content and prohibits children under 18 and sometimes 16 from content not made for them. But it is also very risky. Just one click of confirmation that you are above 18 and everything is visible. So the best method to deal with this issue is to always install YouTube Kids app for your children.

Protect Your Child  From Sexual Content Online youtube for kids

Sometimes even all this stuff is not worthy and unable to protect your child from sexual content online if you don’t have a conversation with your kids. Usually parents hesitate to talk about these things with their children. But remember faaling in danger is much worse than the awkwardness or hesitation of talking. So please do it. help you children understate the internet. Use it wisely.

Be Safe.

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