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Human Resource Management System or HRMS education department of Punjab is developed to maintain teachers, school heads and other employees of SED Punjab online.

Currently hundreds of thousand teacher have already uploaded their data online. The initiative as launched by current minister of school education department Dr. Murad Rass. He is not a man of talks but actions. He is doing great job by revolutionizing the education department of Punjab. First the transfers of teachers made online. Then C-Leave procedure for teachers was also digitailized. They also developed SIS Punjab app, where all these procedure are also synced. Now they are planning to keep all service record of SED employee online to facilitate them at the time retirement.

All Educators regularization forms are available to download

What type of data SEDHR Punjab Website store?

School education department Human resource or simply HRMS stores a broad range of information.Personal, professional, assets etc. They store information related to:

  • Personal Information
  • QAED Training
  • Medical Information
  • Mandatory Training (PEELI etc)
  • Other Training
  • Countries ( visited)
  • Assets
  • Achievements
  • Emoluments
  • Qualification
  • Service particulars of spouse
  • Official information
  • Services
sedhr education department of Punjab

An employee can edit some of the fields throughout the whole year. But some fields are locked for official processes. For example they can not edit their seniority number as every 2 to 3 months promotion of teachers happen. So making changes in seniority number often can create some serious problems.

But they can edit they training records. If teachers are getting PEELI training or other certificate they can simple go to HRMS website to keep their record up to date.

SED Punjab also requires the teachers / heads to review ICP chart entries, to make clear that all record is up to date. ICP chart provides all information of an educator or school head on single page.

Why Education Department Needed HRMS?

The world is now a global village. Information technology has changed almost every field. If an officer needs the record of a particular teachers or other employee of SED Punjab, he just need to sign in website and go through some screen to get all information. Previously the system was so slow due to hard copy files.

The HRMS education department Punjab is proving budget friendly as no paper work is necessary now for transfers of teachers in Punjab. Paperless causal leave process is also a major achievement.

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How to login and Store data in HRMS?

hrms login

To store data in HRMS, a teacher needs user name and password to login. If teacher already have user name and password of SIS Punjab app, they can use the same to login here. If not an SED Punjab employee will have to email at or call SED Hotline 042-111-112-020 to get the credentials.

sedhr punjab pakistan,sedhr punjab pakistan

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