ITSP App – QAED Project for Teachers Training

Innovative Teacher Support Package or ITSP app is a new learning management system by Quaid e Azam Academy for Educational Development or QAED in SED Punjab. This app will help QAED to training teachers online with new strategies and techniques to teach effectively. Teachers will learn how to create a conducive learning environment in which students will learn new concepts easily and develop cognitive skills.

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What is ITSP app of SED Punjab?

itsp punjab app SED

ITSP app is being used in SED Punjab. Assistant Education Officers or AEO will use this app to assess the efficiency of teachers specifically primary school teachers’ performance. AEOs will monitor the teachers on following indicators:

Unit:1 Articulating lesson objectives

Unit:2 Making connections

Unit:3 Modeling concepts

Unit:4 Checking for understading

Unit:5 Monitoring

Unit:6 Feedback

Unit:7 Adjusting teaching

Unit:8 Thinking questions

Unit:9 Thinking Tasks

Unit:10 Explaining content

These rules or units are derived from previous observation tools provided to AEOs for monitoring teachers performance. It is developed by Punjab information technology Board.

PSTs will get training to master these skills to be a professional educator. Many helpful videos and other material will be available in the app to prepare a lesson plan, deliver it effectively and make a good assessment and get proper feedback from students.

How to Get the app?

itsp app on play store

ITSP app by SED Punjab is available on play store. You can download the latest version from this link. currently, there is version 1.0 available on play store, which has over 50,000 downloads and 3.5 average rating.

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