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Saraiki is Indo-Aryan language mostly spoken in southern part of Punjab. Accroding to an estimate in 2017, over 26 million people speak Saraiki. But many native spearker doesn’t know the Saraiki months names. Why?

Because these months names are not used in studies or in calendar widely used in Pakistan. They follow Gregorian (based on movement of Sun) and Lunar (Islamic Calendar based on movement of Moon). First is used in educational institutes, offices and other professional matters. While the second is used mostly for religious purpose such as declaring Eids, Ramadan and other Islamic Events.

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12 Saraiki Months Names

These 12 Desi Months names are:

  1. Chitar
  2. Visakh
  3. Jaith
  4. Harr
  5. Sawanr
  6. Baddra
  7. Assoon
  8. Kattai
  9. Manghar
  10. Poh
  11. Mangh
  12. Phagan
saraiki months names

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