Teachers Online Retirement Procedure SED Punjab

SED Punjab has initiated Online retirement System for teachers in Punjab. Here is the step by step guide for teachers in Punjab to apply for retirement online.

School Education Department of Punjab is no.1 at digitalizing its procedures to ease its employees. Online Leave System, Online Transfers System are highly successful under the leadership of Dr. Murad Rass, current education minister of Punjab. Now teachers can also apply for retirement online. This step will help to reduce corruption in the department often seen, when teachers need their pension and gratuity benefits.

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How to Apply for Retirement Online SED Punjab?

Almost all teachers in Punjab are now using HRMS for leave and other procedures. So, teachers will need and account to login in HRMS website and then they can apply for the retirement process. A teachers can initiate retirement procedure 6 months ahead.

You will need following documents images before you can initiate you application for retirement:

  • 1st Appointment Order
  • 1st Joining Report
  • Present Scale Order
  • Present Scale Joining
  • CNIC Copy
  • Metric certificate
  • No Audit certificate
  • No Demand certificate
  • And No Inquiry certificate

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Login to HRMS website by visiting the site If you don’t have your username and password this guide may help you.
  2. Now you will see some options here
sed Punjab process for online retirement

Click on retirement option.

3. Now you will see some options as seen below:

hrms teacher online retirement process

Remember you can add as many images as you have for a particular upload category option. Suppose your 1st order as three pages, you can submit three images for separately for every page.

4. Now agree with all terms and conditions and press the submit button.

After the submission of application, soon the respective district authority will contact you for the verification of hard copy files and then the process will complete.

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