Tree Plantation Get Free Book in Urdu

Download free book on Tree Planation in Urdu. You will learn how to grow plants, how to protect them, what weather conditions are necessary for a particular plant.

Tree Plantation is very necessary. We are now facing serious issue of global warming. Factories around the world are releasing more and more carbon dioxide. The weather conditions are alarming in many parts of the world. tsunamis in Indonesia, Fires in Australia, melting of ice bergs in Antarctic are major signs, we still ignoring.

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Types of Trees in Pakistan

Many variety of trees are available in Pakistan. Some of them are following:

  • Sukh Chain
  • Deodar
  • Neem
  • Bakain
  • Jaman
  • Sheesham
  • Sumbal etc.

Neem is very popular type people usually grow at home. It provides cool shade in high temperature season.

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How to we can Grow Trees?

Pakistan is making huge progress towards achieving its goal of tree plantations. Billion tree tsunami drive is a part of it. Millions of trees already planted all around the country and many more are about to be sown.

tree plantation free urdu book

why Trees are important:

  • They produce Oxygen.
  • They clean the air.
  • Protect the soil and make it better
  • Protecting Plants from harsh weather conditions
  • They provide wood for fuel and other uses. etc

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What you will learn in this books?

This books is in Urdu about Tree Planation. It is written in keeping view of Pakistan’s land and weather conditions. So here in Pakistan, people can trust details given in this books to plant trees. Tree plantation free Urdu book provides following information abut the tree planation process:

  • How to choose right trees?
  • How to make arrangement for plants?
  • protecting plants from insects
  • protecting plants from weather conditions
  • Information about weather conditions of various regions of Pakistan.

Download free Urdu book on Growing Trees

tree plantation free urdu book

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